All you need is love

Over the years I have read round and around the subject of love, and the idea shared amongst all enlightened beings throughout history that our innate state is loving and peaceful. We deep down know this but we drive ourselves crazy by listening to the ego’s lie that we are fragile and separate, and in doing so destroy the planet and each other.

[If you’re interested my path has flowed from Buddhism, to Advaita, to Sydney Banks’ Three Principles, and now I even find myself fighting my way past the Christian terminology of A Course In Miracles]

I am working towards an answer and I’m getting closer to achieving my own peaceful world view. But time is running out.

We have a good friend who is the kindest, gentlest, most thoughtful person I know. I have never heard a harsh word from her and she listens with a focus and care that is disconcerting.

I used to think she didn’t grab life by the horns, and was in danger of being bypassed or overlooked. I used to frankly feel superior.

What a fool. What an utter fool. I now aspire to emulate her gentle strength and loving contribution to the world around her.

I may be too late to change, but I am determined to try.

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