Nurse Albert

Last night when I went to bed I had a really sore throat and was shivering badly with a fever.

Alby came into the room and was miaowing at me over and over in the way he usually does when he wants something. I was in no fit state to get up and tend to what I thought were his needs and I was beginning to get irritated.

But the next thing I know he has crawled under the duvet, walked the length of my body to my chest where he looked at me with big eyes, (which I am going to anthropomorphise and interpret as a look of concern), and then went and curled up, still under the duvet, behind my legs when I turned to lie on my side.

He stayed there until Penny moved him when she came to bed.

He never usually does this with me and we are convinced that he knew something was up and he’d come to look after me.

We don’t deserve animals.

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