Putin’s killing and destruction is so old fashioned.

For years I have been saying “Forget long, expensive and destructive wars. If you want to bring this country to its knees take out a few logistics mainframes and we’ll be fighting each other outside Tesco for food”.

It would appear that the same fragility of the modern supply chain, and a concerted economic front being presented by the rest of the world, is starting to make Putin’s macho tank convoys stuck in the mud look pathetically retro.

One thought on “Putin’s killing and destruction is so old fashioned.

  1. The mind of Genghis Khan can still have its way with the weapons of the 20th century at its command. And it may yet govern the future. The globally disrupted supply chains have survived 2 full years of chaos, a hypersonic missile does its work in seconds. And the death is every bit as permanent.


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