Too soon?

On our walk yesterday Mollie and I noticed a couple of bees flying off in search of the few spring flowers blossoming at the roadside.

True there were subtle signs of spring. A slightly different smell. Almost imperceptible changes in colour.

It’s that time of year when hope starts to flicker.

But there is also anxiety on the bees’ behalf.

Is it too soon?

4 thoughts on “Too soon?

  1. 2-4″ of surprise snow, -6C, the birds are flying around with branches in their mouths starting to build nests. Nature and fauna have different schedules!


  2. I love the start of spring here but it seems to come in every year earlier. Then, after a little while, my hay fever starts. I love that my garden (which is nothing much to speak of) blooms and the roses bloom. Bursts of colour everywhere. Here, we are still having warmer weather but there’s a cold chill at nights. Yesterday morning we even turned on our heater for a little time to “take the chill off the air”. I love these change of seasons. I love winter simply because it’s cozy and I can wear my knitted stuff.


    1. I love changes of season too and it’s one of the things I love about Melbourne. Penny’s the one who makes sure our garden looks so pretty and we all benefit.


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