Becoming peaceful

I always remember a story about Mother Theresa being asked why she didn’t join anti-war rallies during the Vietnam war. Her response was that she was not anti-war, she was pro peace.

But how do you do that? How can you be pro peace without setting yourself up in opposition to those who are pro war, and therefore creating another source of antagonism and conflict?

You can become peaceful. And in doing so you show other people that it is possible to be calm and gentle in the face of challenges.

So how do you become peaceful?

You can’t force yourself to become peaceful. That in itself causes inner conflict and tension.

All you can do is notice the thoughts that are obscuring your underlying peaceful nature. When you notice them, rather than grabbing hold of them and ruminating on them, they pass. They are fleeting. They dissolve like morning mist.

And then you are left feeling peaceful.

Doing this around other people shows them what is possible.

This is all we can do.

What if we all did it?

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