Falling out with Alby

We don’t have a cat flap and Alby is normally really good about coming when we call and whistle at the back door. He’s got his routines and is often waiting for us when we open the door.

Not last night however. He’d been in a skittish mood all evening, usually the sign that something is up. We reckon it’s probably other cats coming onto his territory but he definitely wasn’t himself.

So after everyone else had gone to bed I waited up until I could no longer keep my eyes open and then I left a bedroom window open for him. Goodness knows when he eventually came back, waking me up in the process, but I was not happy.

There’s been an uneasy silence since we got up. I’m not saying hello to him and he is wisely keeping his distance. I know, I know, he’s just a cat and his instincts drive his behaviours. But hey, I’m just human, and my instinct is to go in the huff and not speak to him for a bit until he’s at least shown some contrition.

3 thoughts on “Falling out with Alby

  1. If he shows contrition then either he isn’t a real cat or there is a longer term plan to ensure a permanent state of contrition on your part.


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