Bloody fools and wankers

I always found people who joined the cadets at school worrying. An interest in dressing up and cheap camping holidays seemed flimsy excuses for signing up for a game whose logical conclusion was killing fellow human beings.

I always found people who took up hunting suspect. Indulging in blood lust as a way of passing your days off seemed a small step away from being a psychopath albeit concealed behind a veneer of landed gentry aspiration.

We should trust our gut instincts and say something. Call them out on their aberrations. Draw them back to their inherent but forgotten peacefulness.

I keep thinking that someone, sometime, at a very early stage, should have taken Putin aside and introduced him to the possibility of not being such a wanker.

5 thoughts on “Bloody fools and wankers

  1. Putin comes from a country that has been invaded 5 times – by Poland, Sweden, France (Napoleon) and Germany (twice in WW1 and WW2). The last time Russia lost 20 m citizens, mainly in Belarus and Ukraine, stopping the Germans. Sevastopol has been Russia’s only warm water port for many years. Putin has said many times that Ukraine being invited to join NATO or the EU was a red line. He has been ignored. He is not being ignored now. Someone should have taken the West’s leaders aside and told them not to be so stupid.

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  2. If you want to add to your body of research on cadets…. I know of many young people who have benefited hugely and positively from their engagement (though it was never something I was personally interested in). They help many kids (with zero commitment of joining the armed forces) develop just a little of the kind of confidence that enables them to cope with the generalised condemnations of those who should know better, among many other benefits.


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