It’s a fine line

I find violent films or TV series increasingly upsetting and troubling. Why write something that dwells on our darker side? Why show suffering in graphic detail?

I understand that we have a fascination with our inhumanity to our fellow man and there has always been a desire to poke at society’s open sores.

I understand the power of the violence in The Sopranos to make us face and deal with testosterone fuelled machismo and what we do with it when it surfaces.

But the sick series of deaths and the titillation of a manipulative story line in Trigger Point is on the other side, the wrong side, of that fine line.

What do you think?

5 thoughts on “It’s a fine line

  1. I agree. It seems that movies and series have become increasingly violent (not that there weren’t any years back but they seemed to be censored or were more indie films). Nowadays the violence is prevalent and more mainstream. The recent Squid Game on Netflix was a case in point. I’m worried that we then become desensitised to it – I also understand that people interact with it in online games too. It doesn’t help we see it in real life as well. The desensitisation is a worry for me though.


    1. Yep. It is partly down to the dominance of Hollywood I reckon where even romantic comedies seem to have to have someone pointing a gun at someone else at least once! It is crazy how America normalises gun culture and it seeps into the imagery that the rest of us then consume.

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      1. Thankfully now we have so many different entertainment options that we don’t need to watch such films. I wrote about this in my recent blog post (not about the violence mind you). What irks me is the preaching and lack of creativity in coming up with a great story, dialogue and themes.

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  2. Yep. I haven’t been to a movie for years, I don’t have Netflix et al, we have sky and Linda is a detective story fan but I often stay tapping on the laptop to keep her company rather than listen and I walked out of The Lieutenant of Inishmore because I would not be a party to the psychological damage the portrayal of such appalling violence would be doing to the performers having to repeat it each night.

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