Uniforms, (and I include suits), titles, and obscure language are the currency of authority. They are used as the mechanisms of power over others.

But as I once asked “is authority more important to those who wield it or to those who defer to it?”

The answer is all too often the latter. We are trained not to question those in authority and feel safe when we don’t. We feel guilty when we do. We need to get over the guilt and do it more often.

2 thoughts on “Authority

  1. Many years ago, in the Navy, I loved wearing mine. (Winter uniform not summer uniform). I think I looked pretty good in it. 🤣 I didn’t have to think about what to wear every day and it saved me tons of money. Bad thing? Wear it, you represent that service. Your behaviour is monitored. You’re judged by the rank you wear. Over time, it just felt…awkward. You wanted to be invisible. At the same time, I wanted to start expressing myself in my own ways. You could never do that with a uniform.


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