A life sentence

I am currently reading two books about writing. One, Self Discipline For Writers (not sure why the cheap Kindle version that I am reading has gone), is very much about outlines, structure, writing to satisfy a particular audience, process over content.

The other, Several Short Sentences About Writing, is about the pleasure of writing and reading each sentence, of not assuming an end point, of relishing each moment of prose and seeing where it takes you.

It occurred to me that this is like life.

We are taught that we need to have purpose, a grand plan, goals, targets, outcomes.

But as I get older I realise that in pursuing this mirage we miss what is actually happening around us.

We rush to a future that may never come and miss the present that is trying, desperately, to grab our attention.

4 thoughts on “A life sentence

  1. You’ve given me the idea to read books about writing. I’ve been writing every day and I love it. At times, I worry that it’s too “journal like” putting my thoughts down that at times tell the state of my mind at the moment. It could be a bit too raw?

    Then I think “maybe I should just write fiction?” Or, fictionalise some bits.

    Anyway, I’ll investigate these books too thank you.


      1. Yeah I don’t want that. 🤣 I’m on a roll with my writing (although struggled to think what to write today). I write a bit every day then schedule the post for the next day.

        The only book I’ve read on writing many years ago was one by Stephen King called On Writing. It was great. I’ll check out these books you mentioned.

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