Favourite book on writing

I’ve just started rereading my fave book on writing. It is sooo good. Clear, inspiring, and as the blurb on the cover says:

“No other book, old or new, is as well reasoned as this, as entertaining or as wise…. Best book on writing Ever.”
-New York Journal of Books

Highly recommended

4 thoughts on “Favourite book on writing

      1. Pay attention to rhythm, first and last… Imagine it this way:
        One by one, each sentence takes the stage.
        It says the very thing it comes into existence to say.
        Then it leaves the stage.
        It doesn’t help the next one up or the previous one down.
        It doesn’t wave to its friends in the audience
        or pause to be acknowledged or applauded.
        It doesn’t talk about what it’s saying.
        It simply says its piece and leaves the stage.

        ~ Verlyn Klinkenborg, Several Short Sentences About Writing


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