I am enjoying focusing on my blogging rather than social media and really appreciate those of you who have subscribed and comment on the blog.

I have continued reposting blog posts into Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn but doing so still draws me onto those platforms, just to peek, just to see if anyone has liked my posts, it’s insidious.

I read a post the other day about how blogging, having been largely superseded by the social networks, is seeing more people come back to it as I have and that there is a chance, a slim chance, of rebuilding some of what we had before we became the product.

Who knows, but it feels worth a try.

13 thoughts on “Blogging

  1. Oh let’s hope! I do hope that this is the case. I’ve been reading your blog through the WordPress app on my mobile phone. It’s nice and easy and I have followed many people (who use WP) on this app so i read their posts on the iPhone. I think many people don’t know how to engage with blogs outside of social media. Some take issue with subscribing to newsletters to be emailed to them. I think I’ll just keep blogging then sharing on social media….

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  2. Hi Euan,
    I read your blog regularly. Very refreshing…and I often have similar memories, like yesterday with the Simca and the rain of rost…
    Take good care and continue.


  3. I really value reading from the canonical source rather than via a intermediated transposition with their own agenda. I do everything I can to subscribe to via RSS feeds when possible. I realise that this might be the minority approach but I get a sense of well-being and satisfaction from it. It’s also why I’m a huge proponent of Mastodon and


    1. I had a play with it a while back but decided to stick to feeding from WordPress. It does LinkedIn and Twitter automatically but you can’t post to a personal profile on Facebook so I have to do that manually. How does get around that?


      1. I find it disabling at times, like when my cycling club use it for all of their notifications and socials, but I’ve really not missed it at all. People can catch up with me on iMessage or WhatsApp if they really want to 🙂

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  4. What we don’t need are more inboxes, it’s just not scalable, sustainable or inclusive. It’s good to see that is bridging itself to Telegram, WhatsApp, Signal etc etc. This is an interesting model, but alas creates another layer of abstraction.


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