Shifting priorities

I suppose when I was young I was a bit of a petrol head. Through spending time with Dad, who always worked on his own cars and motorbikes, I was pretty handy at getting a spanner out and having a go at fixing them. (Anyone else remember using a wire brush to clean and attempt to revive spark plugs?)

But this hasn’t been the case for years. I have lost interest and the engines in most cars these days are a black box that even mechanics need a computer to diagnose.

So, to today.

We’ve ended up with two Hyundai i10s. We don’t need two so we are selling one. We are selling the one with the bigger engine, that looks smarter, that has comfier trim, that is in many ways the better car – all because the other one has Apple Car Play. This was a collective family decision. So long as the thing keeps moving and doesn’t need much maintenance the most important thing is ease of access to maps, music, podcasts and audio books.

Not something I could ever have imagined as a teenager pinned under my ageing Simca with rust dropping in my eyes and mouth after I’d banged my head on the exhaust…

One thought on “Shifting priorities

  1. I loved working on my cars and replacing water pumps, radiators, alternators, hoses, pipes, etc. It was all a blast. Well, until cars got computers, but it was also while I was in college and ironically I traded car repair for computers, coding, and building out my own computers. Well, just as long as that computer wasn’t in a car.

    I see you have taken all of this a step farther with selecting a car with a service on a computer in it. Which, is something I have been looking at (pretty much precisely the same as as my 2004 Audi is getting difficult to get parts for).


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