We are the world

“Nothing is so much food, drink, and sleep for you as the return to your beginnings. The wave roars around you, and you are wave; the forest rustles, and you are forest. There is no more outside and inside. You fly, a bird in the air; you swim, a fish in the sea; you absorb light, and you are light; you taste darkness and are darkness. We wander, soul, we swim and fly, and smile and tie the torn threads and with ghostly fingers and blissfully drown out the destroyed pinions. We no longer seek God. We are God. We are the World.”

~ Hermann Hesse, The Fairy Tales of Hermann Hesse

One thought on “We are the world

  1. Siddhartha is better. But if you don’t end up feeling all Hesse is woolly you should go for a cold dip and listen to Beethoven’s 5th afterwards.


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