I am in the process of closing my newsletter. It looks like I mangled pasting the url for this blog so congrats, and thanks, to those of you who made it this far.

Some have unsubscribed in response to that email which I said was the last one which is a bit like jumping up and down on it just to make sure it’s dead!


4 thoughts on “Newsletter

  1. Hello Euan, I’m very happy to know that you are back to blogging, as that’s where I first started reading you (on the recommendation of mutual friend Chris Corrigan) Since it’s been a long time that I’ve gotten out of the habit of making the rounds & visiting blogs as one used to do, I’m also happy to sign up for email updates. I’ve heard numerous people saying they miss how blogging used to be before it got very commercialized and before social media got so big, but maybe that kind of writing + reading relationship that they miss is still possible and just takes doing it (for me, the doing is the challenge! so thanks & respect to you)

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    1. Thanks Christy. How nice of you. Yes, I decided that I loved blogging and am less concerned about it “working” in any sense. I’ll just do it and if anyone other than me enjoys it that’s a bonus!


  2. One of the reasons I have kept on with FB, aside from it being a connection with others for a semi-recluse, is that if people I approve of, like you, don’t keep drizzling some sense into the zeitgeist, it will be dominate by the nutters. Whether it is a blog or a whole website or just an FB account, _somebody_ needs to be trying to keep things on an even keel.

    Don’t stop.

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