I am sitting here (with Alby) at my desk in my office looking at the beginnings of what is going to be another beautiful sunrise. Rather than watching it from here I am thinking about going for a walk and getting a photo of it from a more photogenic angle. But I might not. It’s bloody cold out there.

I then feel guilty because I might miss the opportunity for appreciating spectacular beauty. Even more special beauty than I can see from my window. Missing out on something special feels like a waste of an opportunity.

But the constant draw of something special is what keeps us from experiencing peace. There is always something more special that we are missing out on. What we are experiencing is in comparison ordinary and mundane.

This is what marketing thrives on, and in some ways has exacerbated. There is always something better that we can, nay should, aspire to. In the process we become blinkered to just how special everything else is, miss the quotidian as it is happening, and the next thing we know we are breathing our last thinking “Was that it then?”

One thought on “FOMO

  1. I love this time in the morning. If you can appreciate it from your window then that’s good. If you get out there into the cold and appreciate it from there, that’s good too. Enjoy the day. Mine is winding down listening to a CD called “Drunken Lullabies” from a band called Flogging Molly.

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