Who let them get that way?

I glanced at something yesterday about Boris Johnson, and someone else, asking “Who kept quiet, acquiesced, condoned or excused bad behaviour throughout his life that made him think this was an ok way to be?”

I’ve just heard of someone in a work environment who uses an aggressive, dismissive, tone every time he sends an email to a hard working and under-appreciated group causing considerable distress each time.

The longer people like these think it is ok to behave the way they do the harder it is to change them.

If you see early signs in anyone you encounter say something – for all our sakes.

2 thoughts on “Who let them get that way?

  1. Too often I hear people saying “it’s not my place”, and turning around when they see someone doing the wrong thing. That behaviour too is learned. We have a society that is hierarchical, based on a history of deference to authority, deference to position. Yet we are seeking to make the world fairer, to celebrate diversity, to be inclusive and to have equity for all. So, I’m led to always ask myself – If not now, then when? If not you, then who?


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