Oh I do like…

I dropped off the van for a couple of little fixes at Sussex Campervans first thing and as their base in Horsham is on the way to Brighton…

Nice walk from Brighton Marina to Hove Lagoon and back and a chance to catch up with Hannah who is at University here.

4 thoughts on “Oh I do like…

  1. Next time you’re in Brighton check out the Brunswick pub (just off the promenade in the western end of downtown Brighton, almost in Hove). It’s excellent, to music venue, etc.

    One of my very good friends is a founder/owner.

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  2. I love the bathing boxes. I live near Brighton here in Melbourne. I don’t know if you’ve been, but it’s on the beach too (not as neat as your photo) and our bathing boxes are all painted in bright colours, with symbols like the Aussie flag, kangaroos, etc. They’re right up on the sand too. They’re rare to find as people hold onto them. Once they do get up for sale, they’re expensive. The recent one sold for about $140K as I recall and they don’t even have any utilities to them. However, they’re listed as national heritage. Everyone loves them.


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