One of my favourite books is How To Be Idle by Tom Hodgkinson. As one reviewer says “It’s not really about being idle per se, but simply allowing yourself to slow down, enjoy life and family, and resist the relentless pressures of consumerism, social conformity, fear of financial failure, and so on”

Through a combination of circumstances, good fortune, and choice I am currently mostly idling. I have been for some time. I may continue for some more time.

I have written often about the cultural pressure to be busy, to be making an impact, and how this pressure is overheating our lives, our societies, and (literally) the planet.

I am convinced that the next wave of automation will hit knowledge workers in much the same way as mechanical automation hit the factory production line. For those of you who are currently very busy, and perhaps outraged by my flagrant time wasting, consider it research undertaken on your behalf.

On the other hand I like the idea of an engine idling shortly before it bursts into life and roars off in a new direction. This may happen to me – or it may not.

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