I decided to have a touristy day today. Travelling past hills I’ve climbed is always dodgy as I need to remember to keep my eye on the road but had a great trip past Loch Tulla, through Glen Coe, through Ballachulish, down the coast to Connel, then back along Loch Awe to Tyndrum.

These were also roads my dad and I knew like the back of our hands in our biking days when we barely gave the hills a glance as we screamed past at silly speeds. One time when I was on the back of his bike he reduced me to tears drifting the back wheel round the tight, twisting bends just north of Loch Lomond.

Today I felt very sedate pootling along in my little camper.

2 thoughts on “Memories

  1. Your tonality is starting to verge on Chinese know. I think perusal could improve the enjoyment of your trip. Try Arthur Waley, Poems from the Chinese c 1927, Augustan Poets Vol 7 ed Humbert Wolfe.

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