Busily getting nowhere

It is so interesting to notice what I resist throughout the day. As I get better at noticing my thoughts and emotions it is apparent that what winds me up is lots and lots of little things. Drivers on the way to the station, the way “some people” put rubbish in the teabag bowl, the way that my todo list manager works, someone’s responses in a chat about Buddhism.

It is a constant stream of “this shouldn’t be like this” chatter that induces stress, makes no impact on the world, takes energy that could be better spent on other things, and in the end gets me absolutely nowhere.

2 thoughts on “Busily getting nowhere

  1. I reckon it is what I think of as the sort of general “meh” feeling that Buddhists cal Dukkha. It is usually translated as suffering but that makes it sound overstated and obscures the value of the idea. It’s more about the sort of ongoing not right feeling that we learn to put up with but with a bit of awareness can start to recede.


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