Holding back the tide

Well, several tides really. The passage of time has its inexorable effect. “Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;”.

The veneer on bathroom cupboards starts to crack, patio grouting starts to crumble, cars rattle and creak. And yes, bodies ain’t what they used to be either.

But I like things looking aged. The shiny and new looks superficial compared to something that’s been around for a bit. Especially people.

So how much of a fight should we put up? Should we constantly strive to hold back the tide of time, or is there merit in letting things grow old gracefully, including ourselves?

4 thoughts on “Holding back the tide

  1. Given pandemic’s isolation, and the wrinkling of the visage I observe in the mirror, this and other aspects of our age and ‘the passing of time’ are very top of mind.

    Ali Macgraw (“Love Story”), is one of our leading Santa Feans. She only went fully grey a few years ago (when she was 74? 75?). I feel like we were cheated of watching her transition from dark hair to the current grey locks – she would have accomplished all with her characteristic style. Dark dyed hair just made wrinkles more obvious. I run into her at Folk Art Market, when she volunteers at a booth. When she rivets you with those brown eyes, all years drop away – grey hair or no.

    And I wonder, “Does age really exist?” Do we really need to fight it so hard, as culture and commercialism pushes us to?

    Throwing a wider net, I suspect the secret to ‘growing old gracefully’ is a deep-down acceptance of change. And that philosophy could be extended much further to better this world of ours.


    1. Spot on as usual. The post was partly prompted by an increasing sense that, trite though it sounds, the only time we are alive is now. The past and the future are made up. I’d been looking at old photos of the girls and thinking where have those people gone, and often think that the me that I so desperately protect never really existed. Everything truly is constantly in flow and fighting that is a losing battle.

      (PS Jealous of the prospect of bumping into Ali Macgraw in the street…)


  2. I once tutored a student from Thailand and she told me that in her culture every grey hair is a sign of wisdom. I look in the mirror and conclude that I’m getting wiser by the day.


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