3 thoughts on “SOTN

  1. Excellent episode, thanks. Enjoyed the O’Reilly article although it was not saying anything particularly radical. Three thoughts


    1. Continued…(clumsy fingers)

      Three thoughts:
      1. Capitalism can’t be done differently as it is a constantly mutating virus that presents itself in whatever way necessary to preserve itself
      2. Few people go beyond self love and self regard to embrace love of the neighbour or stranger
      3. Haven’t we got enough news networks already?

      If you haven’t, do read
      “Things that can and cannot be said” by Arundhati Roy and John Cusack.


      1. Thanks for the book tip. I will add it to my lengthy list.

        1. I don’t think it is necessarily mutating out of control, although legislation needs to keep up.

        2. That doesn’t mean it’s not possible or can’t happen in the future.

        3. Maybe, but for those who still feel the need of them it can be done better.


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