Category errors

A handle is not a hook. If you use a hook as a handle, say for example to hang up your coat, that handle ceases to function as a handle and life becomes harder. 

A sink is not a storage space, it is a space for making things wet. If you use it as a storage place, by leaving mountainous piles of dishes in it, it ceases to function as a place for making things wet. 

Unfortunately my life is beset with people who make category errors. 

5 thoughts on “Category errors

  1. Categories themselves are generally errors. So, I am very reluctant to talk about category errors. It may be what you’re facing is a training problem. 🤓


  2. Categories are stories. They only exist in your mind. Everything is subjective. The handle in your world is the hook in someone else’s. Let it go. Breathe. 🙏🏻


    1. I know, I know… I try to see it as an opportunity to observe “the little self” arising in the moment, vainly trying to assert itself over the world around it, but… that first noble truth stares me in the face every bloody time! 😉

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