I got my first COVID vaccination this morning. As part of the process they give you a list of possible side effects – but one they didn’t mention was tearing up.

All the effort, all the efficiency, the pleasant staff, the feeling of being in very safe hands. I welled up in the queue and again in the car on the way home.

Any thoughts of damaging the NHS, especially privatising it for corporate gain, should be made a treasonable offence.

8 thoughts on “The NHS

  1. Totally agree. You made me well up again too. My wife and I had our jab on Friday and it felt the same.

    My wife has had a tough year, and every step of the way the NHS has been and still are there for her.

    And all during lockdown, whilst coping with the near unbearable pressures of a devastating pandemic.
    Just incredible.

    So truly grateful for all they do.


      1. She’s doing well after the brain op. All benign….not like the lump on the leg, which turns out to be a melanoma removed 16yrs ago now returning. That’s being removed next week, with a skin graft to fill in the hole. And we are hoping she’ll be admitted for some immunology-based treatment to get rid of anything that might be lurking (although recent scans are clear). Again we’re so incredibly grateful for what the NHS is able to do.


  2. Totally agree. You made me well up again. Exactly how my wife and I felt when we got our jabs on Friday.

    It’s been a tough year for my wife, and every step of the way the NHS has been there for her, and continues to be there for her with truly world-class care.

    And all delivered during lockdown, with all the pressures of having to cope with a devastating pandemic raging too. Just incredible.

    We are so grateful.


  3. I agree too, with a doctor daughter Katie Sanderson who was on the front line at the Whittington Hospital in the worst bit. Not much love in the Government and too much assertion of values, not living them. Now the NHS needs a Bevin like the transport workers got. Bizarrely no sign of that, any idea why?


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