It may be my advancing years, it may be the calming effects of lockdown, but my aversion to the idea of being driven in business is increasing. Driving change, driving acceptance, driving sales. Too much of modern life is driven. Driven to succeed, driven to perform, driven to get ahead of others.

All of this driving is overheating our minds, our bodies, and the even world around us.

How about encouraging, supporting, or even enticing?

5 thoughts on “Driven

  1. I couldn’t agree more, Euan. Crazy language pulled out of a hat in desperation to please investors and satisfy executives on bonus plans. This madness could descend on an NHS (as mentioned in your other post) which

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      1. My journey home took me along the route of HS2. Hundreds of folk wearing bright orange high viz clothing in amongst the beautiful trees and fields. Stark contrast.


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