The pull of other places

Over the weekend my family were watching a film set in Australia. The story took place on the coast to the north of Sydney and the scenery and the sounds of the wildlife were so, so familiar. I started to feel a strong pang of homesickness.

I have been lucky enough to have been to Australia many times, and have seen more of the country than many Australians, but with the changes in my life and the world around my I find myself wondering if I will ever get to visit that wonderful country again.

In fact the many trips I have been able to experience around the world are taking on an air of unreality. Was I really there? Did it really happen? With the odd effects that lockdown is having on my sense of time and place it is getting hard to tell what happened last week never mind last year.

But this is a good thing. Time and place are much more malleable than we think. Our brains construct our experience of both and that experience changes all the time. Truly being where we are is hard enough never mind worrying about being somewhere else!

11 thoughts on “The pull of other places

  1. When I saw this in my inbox I misread the title as “the pull of other faces” and I wondered if you were really getting sick and tired of yourself😀
    I went to Sydney on the weekend (I live about 60 miles out of the city so it’s a train ride of 90 mins) and saw a show at the Sydney Opera House, then had dinner with my brother (star of the show). We had a nightcap in a rooftop bar with a view of the whole city. It was wonderful and I felt like a tourist.
    I think I may have been at a conference that you spoke at, but I can’t remember where or when. I was impressed with your ideas and have been a fan ever since.
    It’s a small world but also a big world. I hope you get back here one day.


      1. And bizarrely the film I caught the end of, and which triggered the post, was Penguin Bloom which was filmed at Newport which I believe is not far from you! Small world indeed.


      2. My friend complained that films like Penguin Bloom lead everyone to think that we all live in beautiful houses with ocean views! If only…


      3. A bit like the way Midsomer Murders, which is filmed around here by a production company owned by a neighbour, convinces people that we are locally bumping each other off at a frightening rate!

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  2. Hi Euan, Yes it truly is a wonderful place where I am on the Sunshine Coast QLD. I met you when I attended your ACS presentation with my Son in Brisbane a few years ago. I understand your reminiscing contrasting City, Coastal & Outback environments. I’m sure we’ll see you again some day soon.


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