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In this episode we first talk about driving (cars, lorries, motorbikes, people crazy), then we hear about Euan’s new HomePod Mini, and finally we discuss about past present and future of some real and some fictional politicians (American, Italian, British). 

12 thoughts on “Latest SOTN

  1. A good listen. So many questions: would Fred the dog (medium size, 25kg) fit in a Ford Puma? If we had a Home Pod mini, what would we do with all the music CDs? When will you discuss the Australia Facebook debacle? Why does Euan always say “see you next time” at the end of a podcast? There were more, I think, but they didn’t survive the afternoon nap.

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      1. Point taken. You can draft the Wikipedia entry: CDs were an element in a superseded listening-to-music ritual. All World music is now available anywhere simply by thinking of a composer or title.

        Astonishing really.


      2. I think you’re right and that’s an interesting point: “yet we almost immediately take it for granted”. So what distinguishes or sits underneath this type of change with its immediate acceptance? And why,in contrast, does the change management industry doggedly maintain its view that change is complex, needs sophisticated models, takes time? Because if anyone thought differently they’d al be out of a job?


    1. The Puma is quite spacious. It has a very clever “well” in the boot which makes it very flexible: you can store stuff below the floor, and it has a tap which allows you to hose it.


      1. We might be able to plug in a hairdryer to dry Fred off after a particularly wet walk! Thanks for the car advice anyway, I am a complete ignoramus when it comes to motorcars. The next one we buy will though be our last.


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