Paolo and I just published our latest edition of SOTN in which we take a look at Clubhouse – and Euan runs away! But he can run faster thanks to Fitness+. We then go long on capitalism and market forces firstly talking about the upside (yes there is one) and downside of Facebook’s algorithms then end up with the fascinating story of GameStop and the power of Reddit.

6 thoughts on “Fitness

  1. No shouting or groaning but some good laughs. While you were talking about Clubhouse, it did occur to me that we might need more platforms like that if even a small portion of the population needs to fill an increasing amount of leisure time or, to put it another way, an increasing amount of time not spent at work. Why do we treat our schedules as holy scripture? Schedules hold us in our individual bubbles and shore up our sense of self. Is this a result of the expansion of work to fill all time and use up all our energy? I know so many people who are troubled by the thought of real-time conversation or interaction. Surely, if we do end up with more leisure time at some point, it would be beneficial to have a better balance between real-time and asynchronous interaction? Sorry for so many questions but thanks for podcasting. I really enjoy it.


    1. Glad you enjoy it and thanks for letting us know.

      Interesting point about new platforms offering something new for those missing connection.

      Maybe my response is yet another sign of my encroaching curmudgeon status.


    2. Thank you for the feedback John.

      I completely agree about finding a balance between real-time and asynchronous interaction. At the beginning of this long period of forced remote working I tried to make more of our interactions asynchronous, trying to replace scores of back to back meetings with more email, chats, blog posts, etc.

      Gotta say that so far I have failed miserably, but it’s not a reason to give up.

      If real-time interaction on Clubhouse was worth our time, then great. But we would need to free some of that time by avoiding attending countless useless zoom calls.


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