Sotn Podcast 34

Hot on the heels of our last recording, we wanted to get this one out while the response to events on Capitol Hill in the US was still fresh!

Sotn Podcast 34

2 thoughts on “Sotn Podcast 34

  1. One of the best things (along with bad jokes and excessive Apple frenzy) about this podcast is that I always come away with more questions than answers and spend some useful hours turning them over in my mind. Beginner’s mind? So, does the concept, Internet, have any value when it seems to be effectively owned by a group of global tech companies? Why are the best young minds paid either to sell stuff or to build tech that sells stuff? If everything is connected as Buddhists and complexity theorists would assert, is there a serious reason to try and understand the past in order to better understand the present?

    Once upon a time, wearing a suit and scrolling through a PowerPoint deck, I would have given cast iron answers to any of those questions. Today, I’d have to take a cuppa down the garden and talk to the robin about them. There are fewer and fewer certainties. There are some. Anyway, thanks for podcasting.

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