Making a few changes around here

Some of you may have seen on my various social media feeds that I have decided to pull even further back from them. I have logged out of them in my various browsers and removed the apps from my devices. I will still pick up if people message me but otherwise I’m off.

One of the triggers for this decision was becoming frustrated at recording my reading in Goodreads. Worrying what people thought of my reading list, worrying about my reviews appearing on Amazon, worrying that I wasn’t finishing books that I had started, basically, like all social media platforms, worrying too much about what other people thought. But I do want to record my reading and will do so here. I will even mention books that I have given up on, which is many!

So that then got me thinking that some people might want to see my book reviews together so I thought “I’ll tag them”. I have come and gone with tagging in all sorts of contexts over the years but never managed to sustain it for very long. But from now on I will at least attempt to tag my book reviews and, who knows, maybe posts about walks, oh, and maybe about technology, oh, and…

Like I said, I’ll try, but don’t hold your breath.

2 thoughts on “Making a few changes around here

  1. Web services and communities constantly shift and the wider use of our contributions of social networks can change over time. I remember twitter in its early days away so fun and innocent and happy. It’s changed, and I go there less and less. In contrast, Facebook I used to use very little, but with the rise of Groups, I can find communities of interest there that are no where else to be found. I spend a lot of time there these days. Websites and blogs have waned over the years as social networks became the place to gather, but recently, like you, I see a shift back towards websites and blogs in order to avoid being drowned out in social networks. Focusing your writing here, lets you set the value of making contributions on your own terms. So long as I can keep reading your thoughts somewhere, I’m happy! Keep writing and sharing!

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