A good enough tree

I was going to call this post “Not all trees are equal” and make a point about how perfect this tree is.

But against what measure? What is it about this tree, and about our need for the world to match up to our ideals and concepts of good and bad, that makes it better than other trees?

If this tree is better then other trees must be worse, not good enough.

Thankfully the universe, and this tree, carries on happily being as it is – ignoring our self important nonsense.

4 thoughts on “A good enough tree

  1. One of my favourite trees was a split oak tree. I used to take Sophie for walks and when we came to the tree lift her up and place her in the middle so she could see further. Happy Christmas from the Eadens.


  2. And remember that a huge amount of that tree remains hidden underground and contributes a massive amount to it’s success. Also not being crowded means it has a chance to grow more equally in all directions. So many metaphors 🙂


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