Getting nowhere faster

As we drive down through some woods to reach the A413, and if we look to our right, we are greeted with a beautiful view along the Misbourne Valley. In winter, in the mornings, this valley is often filled with a low fog which creates an otherworldly feel to the view especially if the ground is white with frost. This view has remained unchanged for centuries.

Sadly I will never see this view again. The foreground is now filled with a mountain of earth and teams of earth movers which are carving a massive gouge through the countryside for HS2. All along the valley similar acts of violence are being carried out every day with open wounds spoiling other long enjoyed favourite views.

To the very few of you who are not only inclined to travel after the experience of working remotely through lockdown, but who can also afford what I gather are going to be the steep fares to get to Birmingham quicker, I hope that you make good use of the few minutes that are going to be shaved off your journey.

4 thoughts on “Getting nowhere faster

  1. Yes Euan, very sad news. You, more than most of us, can see the desecration first hand. Also now the approval of HR third runway, at a time when climate change is top of the agenda. Is Boris going to lie in front of that bulldozer, as he promised he would?

    Brian +44 7387 466531


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  2. I cannot comprehend the increasing rate of damage we are doing to our environment. Like HS2 the 3rd runway is political more than practical, for a world we should be leaving behind, not the one we should be heading towards.

    I listened yesterday to aviation experts excitedly talking about how wonderful the approval for a third runway was. They were really saying is that if Britain was to be a “global player” (which means global consumer) we need to pollute our skies so that we can consume even more. Greed and Speed.

    Never have our political values been so out of step with the real needs of people, and of the planet.


  3. So, so true. As I said in the previous comment our whole idea of progress is out of whack. We are rushing towards some pretty dystopian futures in the name of some old stories about what makes us happy that we have been drip fed by the marketing industry for the past hundred years or so. It’s got to stop.


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