Lane discipline and the British class system

I’ve realised why so many people stick doggedly to the middle lane on motorways when there is no other vehicle near them for miles around and despite the fact that they are meant to pull over to the left unless they are overtaking and the fact that their refusal to do so causes much of the congestion on the road.

It’s because the inside lane is working class and for grubby things like lorries or people who can only afford little cars that don’t go very fast.

The middle lane is for the middle class. Nice people who have nice cars but don’t like upsetting people, especially themselves, by changing things.

The outside lane is for the upper class. People who can afford speeding fines or middle class people who have ideas above their station.

See, it all makes sense now!

4 thoughts on “Lane discipline and the British class system

  1. Very nice! Reminds me of the old classic:

    Of course, really, the inside lane is for lorries doing 59.8mph, the middle lane for lorries overtaking them at 60.2mph, and the outside lane for anyone wanting to do 60.3 mph or faster. 🙂

    Actually, I’d love to get your thoughts on speed regulators sometime…

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    1. It used to drive me nuts. They are not all set at exactly the same speed and add in different effects of loads, some trucks better at pulling up hills etc, and you can end up doing this tedious dance with other trucks for hours!


  2. Absolutely, it was staring me in the face. I keep pulling over to the left 😉 I wish there was a left of left lane sometimes (that wasn’t a hard shoulder to cry on).


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