Holier than thou

Being judgemental has to be one of my my least acceptable characteristics.

I grew up in a household where we judged each other, and those we met in the outside world, against some hidden but testing standard.

Not being good enough was a constant threat. Being found wanting, lacking, letting others down, you name it, the implied failure was always there, brooding behind every conversation and every encounter.

The corrosive stain of judgement still seeps into my life.

I wish it didn’t.

4 thoughts on “Holier than thou

  1. I think we all suffer from believing that we aren’t good enough, except for a lucky few who seem to have this sorted. It sometimes feels like I’ve spent a lifetime working towards self-acceptance.


      1. I guess what I was trying to say that the more accepting you are of your own faults (maybe that should read humanity), the less critical you are if others. Do you think that’s true?


      2. I certainly think that those who are quick to judge are sore on themselves and the two go hand in hand. I often think this about people with authoritarian attitudes, just how bad are the stories they tell themselves about themselves if they think the rest of us are like that!

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