Cat conundrums

Now that we have decided to let Alby off his long rope the mouse population in the field behind us is dropping by the day. I hate watching him playing with them, and in fact will often step in and bring him into the house, but nonetheless the casualty rate is increasing.

The girls make the case that it is his instinct to do this but I counter with the fact that it might be a dog’s instinct to savage little children but that doesn’t mean we let them do it. If Alby ends up psychologically scarred by my attempts to save the mice then I’ll pay for the therapy.


If he’s playing with mice in the back garden, within sight of the house, then he is not dicing with death crossing the main road in front of us. It seems that he too is worried about the mouse population of the field reducing and is researching other sources of entertainment. He might be savvy enough to dodge the traffic but there are no guarantees.

So, sit back and watch him torturing mice or watch him dodging traffic? A rock and a hard place.

2 thoughts on “Cat conundrums

  1. I find that when I rescue mice and voles that are brought into the house for ‘play’ (the old cardboard tube container of a bottle of whisky is perfect for this) that our two cats generally consider I am entering into the spirit of things and I have to close off the cat door before releasing said rodent otherwise they would simply bring it back in again. Otherwise what happens in the garden (or the field) stays in the garden – look the other way


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