Letting things go

I have mentioned before that the road in front of us is currently blocked off for repairs and I am enjoying walking towards Chesham and back each day. Given that there isn’t meant to be any traffic going up and down the road whenever anything passes me, especially if they are driving fast and don’t move over, it was beginning to wind me up. There’s a whole empty road in both directions. Why not move over to the other lane as you go past me, especially as you’re going so fast?!

Two things have helped me to let this go. Firstly there is an estate the “wrong side” of the roadworks and if they want to get into Chesham they have to come all the way past us, a road trip of about 8 miles. If I was having to do that every time I want to go to the shops I would probably be getting wound up and driving too fast as well.

The other reason that I’m learning to let this go is that I can’t do anything about it. My righteous indignation at their driving affects no one but me. They have no idea that I am annoyed with them. It makes no difference to them but it spoils my walk. Until I learned to let go I would hold onto my irritation for ages after each time it happened. Now I just step onto the grass verge out of their way, smile as they pass, and get on with my walk unperturbed.

Now all I need to do is to apply this learning to all the other things that press my buttons!

5 thoughts on “Letting things go

  1. I would be inclined to shout and wave my fists even though both of these actions are completely pointless. Your approach is better but requires more self-discipline.


  2. SO as you know I’ve been dealing with my own demons. One of the “triggers” for those demons has been my inability to recognise the stuff I can fix and the stuff I cant. Focusing on the Can’t means I beat myself up because I cant fix something. This understanding of what you can and cant fix is a first step. learning to let it go is a hard one to master


    1. The Buddhist phrase “pain is inevitable, suffering is optional” always comes back to me. We layer all sorts of “shoulds” on top of the things that happen to us, either “it shouldn’t be this way” or “I shouldn’t be this way”. The situations themselves are hard enough but we then make them so much harder for ourselves.


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