Time travel

The amazing images of cities in the Apple TV screensaver prompt daily memories of my various trips. I have been to all of the cities that they show, many of them many times. I have been so lucky to see so much of the world and never take it for granted.

The image at the top of this post popped up in Facebook today and is of me sitting in a restaurant opposite Doc Searls’ apartment in New York a couple of years ago. The good friends that I now have all around the world are another thing that I very much don’t take for granted.

But as we sit here in our much constricted world I find myself thinking of those far flung places and people and wondering if I will ever travel to the same extent again? Will I ever “really” be there “really” talking face to face to all of those people?

My interactions with both people and places have taken on an air of unreality. My memories feel more like dreams than recollections.

Those places are still there, or are they?

The people are still there, or are they?

2 thoughts on “Time travel

  1. I had a similar thought just a couple of days ago. I was watching somebody’s video of Tesla’s new beta autonomous-driving software, and the car drove itself down highway 1 towards LA, turned off at Pasadena, and went to the gates of NASA JPL. I’ve made exactly that journey myself when I visited JPL about twenty years ago — though I had to drive the car myself then.

    This made me wonder when I might next visit California, and then to be grateful for how much travelling I had been fortunate enough to do before Covid…

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