The ghost in the machine

By far my favourite widget on my iPhone’s Home Screen is the Photos widget. Each day this presents me with a photo from my library that was either taken on that day in the past or was chosen for some other algorithm of predicted interest.

Since my mum’s death last month there have been an uncanny number of photos of her appearing in this feed. It may just be a heightened awareness, in the same way that when you are thinking of buying a new car you seem to see nothing but that type of car on the road, but for whatever reason it has been very moving and a real delight to be prompted with so many fond memories nearly every day.

2 thoughts on “The ghost in the machine

  1. I didn’t know about this function, it sounds quite nice. There are probably lots of things I don’t know about my iPhone.
    I’m not sure I could handle seeing some of the photos as the last few years have been pretty rough with all of our older relatives passing away as well as my sister-in-law, but I guess there are lots of happy memories as well as bittersweet ones. I have some photos of my mum taken on my 60th birthday (I note you have just reached the big 60) and I love looking at those ones.


  2. It obviously depends on the type of photographs you take but I am frequently delighted by places that I have been and forgotten. It is also great for unearthing photos of the kids when they were young.


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