It feels like a big number. It is a big number. But I don’t feel my age, and I don’t act my age.

My Dad is ninety and, totally illogically and unreasonably, this encourages me to believe that I have another thirty years to go. Much can be done in thirty years.

I’d best get on with it though.

8 thoughts on “Sixty

  1. I found 60 to be liberating, I’ve never felt as alive as I did on that day and since, (although over 2 years have passed) – It’s a time when my experience supports, many skills have been honed and whilst knowledge abounds, learning more remains a pleasure and a motivator. I have found life after 60 to be free of pressure, and full of zest.


  2. Have the same liberating experience as WBUIST above – Liberating – at 70 still going strong BUT I can see the reaper more clearly actuarily 82 is the key age – time rushes by with a hard end in sight – So highly motivated to do what I like more than anything – I sense that you feel this too


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