Nice to be home again

Over the past few months I have been spending less and less time on social media platforms. This has been partly due to a gradual, and general, disconnecting triggered by lockdown. Things stopped happening and I didn’t miss them. The world got smaller and that felt good. I spent less time online and more time writing and that felt good too.

The other reason for drifting away from the online world is that my mum has been drifting away for the past few months and finally ended her journey on Tuesday. She managed the whole thing with incredible courage, integrity, and dignity – but I had no inclination to share the experience here.

Mum’s death has encouraged me to become more focused, and possibly braver, about “doing my own thing” and so for this, and other reasons I’ve decided to focus my thinking and writing on my blog, my newsletter, and any more books I ever get around to writing.

I’m not making any negative statements about social media with this decision, and will keep all my accounts open, I just won’t be spending much time there.

I will however continue to write here on my blog and also on my newsletter which I intend to use for the sort of interesting links I used to share on Facebook and Twitter and this should mean that I get around to writing it more often!

You can sign up for my newsletter here.

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