I don’t care if you don’t like me

Well, that’s probably not true, and is intended as a play on the use of the Facebook “like” button, but…
There is a risk when sharing ideas on social platforms that we worry too much about whether people agree with us or not.
It is too easy to get into tit for tat arguments “defending” our views in comments.
It’s too easy to stop posting things that you think are going to provoke “the wrong reaction”.
It’s too easy to allow this to prevent us from posting in the first place.
Hence I am resolving to care less – in the nicest possible way!

4 thoughts on “I don’t care if you don’t like me

  1. I too value disagreement but am lucky that on Facebook real disagreement is handled gracefully. What I get wearied with is people who appear not to have read the post before they shoot off in a contradictory direction!


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