I am currently taking part in a Facebook meme sharing the cover of a book each day for seven days. The idea was to share seven books that I have enjoyed, but enjoyed is perhaps the wrong word. All of the books have had an impact on me, changed the way I thought. Some have been harrowing to read but I love them nonetheless.

I have avoided adding any explanation to my choices or making any attempt to explain their meaning or relevance to me. I have read so many books. Hundreds and hundreds. Some I have read many times. Their meaning changes each time and in some ways their relevance depends on the books I was reading before and after them.

My Kindle apps on iPhone and iPad are by far my most used apps. I read constantly and wherever I am. Second only to walking in nature, books are one of my greatest pleasures.

I hope the covers that I post trigger memories or introduce you to new books and help share the long threading paths of ideas that have led my thinking to where it is today.

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