Slowing down

We are very lucky to live in beautiful countryside and to have a short 30 min walk circuit through fields and past farms and cottages that we do each day. I am very aware that not everyone has such an opportunity and indeed I heard yesterday about the plight of families stuck in one of the towers next to Grenfell Tower and can only imagine how stressful that is at the moment.

I’m also aware that there have been a lot of articles about how much the planet is benefiting form our inactivity and I too have enjoyed the resulting piss take photos of the greening of Hendon High Street or Dinosaurs reclaiming Paris.


Each day on the walk we see more wildlife as it gets more confident as our impact on their world diminishes. I have written before about the uncannily loud sound of the bees as we walk past a patch of woodland. The air is most definitely clearer and sweeter smelling. It really does feel as if the planet is breathing a sigh of relief.

Wouldn’t it be great if we came out of this crisis with less of an inclination to rush around desperately making more money to buy more stuff? What if we all slowed down just a little. Spent just a little more time staring out of the window at the world around us? Just a little more time pausing to just be?

2 thoughts on “Slowing down

  1. I too have been lucky to be in a part of the country where we can walk around the fields and through copses of trees. The background of traffic noise has diminished to the occasional, and the air and wildlife are both taking full advantage.

    It is a sad reflection on our humanity that risk has to be felt as individual and personal before action can effectively be taken collectively. My fear is that once we conclude that this crisis is past ew will rush, headlong, back to a former, and worse past but I share your hope that our inclinations may become more mellow.


    1. It’s a modest aspiration. More ambitiously we might consider throwing out the rule book that makes it possible that people get stuck in towers like Grenfell. The prospect of the Trump administration introducing UBI to quell the risk of civil unrest is not without its ironies…


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