Busily doing nothing

It is fascinating to watch people coping with the current restrictions and the enforced inactivity it is imposing.

Most of us find it really hard to do nothing. We feel bored. We feel guilty. We are brought up to expect to be distracted by things or activity. We are brought up to see doing nothing as being lazy.

But isn’t this the source of so many of our problems?

We are so busy trying to achieve, making money to buy more and more things, constantly travelling to be more places, that in the process we are exhausting ourselves and the planet.

Isn’t it nice to stop, even if just a while? Could we get used to it?

8 thoughts on “Busily doing nothing

  1. Hi Euan
    Today is the first day of my long service leave. I’m having six months off, and had planned to spend quite a lot of time sorting out things at home, relaxing, reading and writing. I hadn’t envisaged being stuck at home quite this much so it remains to be seen whether I get used to the slower pace. I’m a bit nervous that I’ll waste my six months and not “achieve” anything, but I guess that depends on what achievement really means. For many people, just getting through the day without strangling the kids or partner is a major achievement.


  2. I have tried to get into a regular yoga habit over the years, and I know that as I get older it is one of the best forms of exercise I could do, but…

    My daughter Mollie is on my case to join her yoga sessions during lockdown. I should!


  3. I am such a Protestant. I mean that I judge myself by my works. I think that this is a core belief in Northern Europe and in the US. That not doing is a form of immorality. What a lesson C19 is delivering to me

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