Big reset?

People are talking about a big reset being brought about by the corona virus. But it’s not just that. Some of us have been saying for a while that we are in a transition from an old way of looking at the world to a new. Whether political, social, scientific, or spiritual, clearly change is happening.

But any “big reset” is only ever a result of lots of little ones. It is not being done to us, it is done by us.

How are you going to see things differently today? What are you going to do differently today?

2 thoughts on “Big reset?

  1. The big reset happened years ago with the current political counterrevolution. What we are seeing .. and will be seeing for years to come .. is the results. Pandemics happen. They are not new.

    What is new is the reaction to the pandemic by the political class, the private sector and the citizens.

    A shift away from globalization towards nationalism, the normalization of political corruption, pay-for-play and good old fashion lying and the discounting of scientific evidence and facts are a result of years of social engineering.

    What will I do different today?


    I started doing things differently a long time ago.


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