Per ardua ad astra

I am finding it exciting to watch the challenge of coronavirus accelerating our collective learning.

Yes, there is nonsense about panic buying loo roll, but there is also sharing of expertise, reality checking the utterances of politicians, push back against scare mongering in the media, shared and reinforced common sense, and a lot of collective compassion.

Once we have learned these things we won’t forget.

One thought on “Per ardua ad astra

  1. Euan, the human capacity to forget is legendary. I am in 7 day self isolation. Temperature reduced but some symptoms still with me. Not significant, I think but no way to find out.
    A hell of a way to learn to do good. The psychology of fear is interesting. Sometimes reflect on the thought of keeping it all under the radar. Deniability, thought police? A better option? Ridiculous yes but from such thought may come a better strategy than current.


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