Hard sell vs blethering

We are all getting tired of being sold to. We can’t make a move online without someone trying to sell us something.

You can’t have online conversations any more without some bot shouting at you about things that you don’t want.

At the same time in “old media” we’re not impressed by shiny, over produced ads, and talking heads in front of green screen backgrounds are a joke.

So why do we still feel the need to import all of the above into the workplace?

Chatting to Stephen Waddington today I enthused about the power of blethering. Conversational ways of understanding things and sharing what we know.

Whether the to and fro of a network of smart people blogging about what they do and why, or long form podcast conversations between people grappling with change and how to deal with it, we could do so much better to help people adapt and move forward than shouting at them.


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