On the brink.

More than twenty years ago when I connected up my US Robotics 1400 baud modem to the internet life changed.

Encountering Pierre De Chardin’s noosphere (the thought, prompted by the advent of radio, that there was a geological layer like the stratosphere in which all thought connected in a global brain) was an early glimpse of the path that I was on.

Spending as much of the past few decades online as I have has meant that the internet feels like an extension of my neural networks, with some of my synapses firing outside my skull and some inside.

Following those connections and thoughts led me to Jon Kabat-Zin‘s and Buddhist philosophy, through Sydney Banks‘s Three Principles and Douglas Harding‘s headless experiments, to non-duality, the principle that separation is just an idea and ultimately the cause of unease.

Nancy Neithercuts poetry, Dr. Amy Johnson‘s podcasts, and Clare Dimond’s latest book Sane are currently nudging me to the brink of not taking “myself” so seriously.

“I” still struggle with this.

But then “I” only exist in the struggle.

Without the struggle I’m not real.

And neither are you.

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