Discomfort as a learning opportunity

One of the reasons that I stopped posting my blog posts directly into Facebook was that I had grown tired of some of the comments. Those that missed the point, twisted my meaning into their interpretation and then argued with it, were sneering or dismissive, etc. I am fortunate that I get less of those sort of comments than most, I am careful who I call friends, but it can still get wearying.

On the other hand it is also why I write online in the first place. If I didn’t want reactions I could just keep my writing to my journal. The point of sticking it out there on the internet is to see what reaction I get, and then choose how I react to that reaction.

And this is what I have realised that I am missing. The valuable learning opportunity of someone pressing my buttons. Why those buttons? Why are they so sensitive? What do they say about me and how I see the world?

So, in the interests of furthering my own learning I am going to start copying my blog posts into Facebook again.

Any comments on this post will be seen as a valuable learning opportunity!